Adriana Falcão Loth

A people manager at the Waters Company in Joinville, Adriana Loth is a PhD student in Engineering and Knowledge Management at UFSC. She is also an organisational psychologist and has a Master degree in Public Policy Management and a Specialisation in Training and Development and Strategic Remuneration, among other professional experiences in the subprocesses of people management.

Alexandre Augusto Biz

Professor of the Department of Knowledge Engineering – UFSC. Collaborating Professor of the Post-Graduate Program in Engineering and Knowledge Management – UFSC. Post-Doctorate Business CNPq held at the Stela Institute (2012). Doctor in Engineering and Knowledge Management (UFSC, 2009). Master in Tourism and Hospitality (UNIVALI, 2003) Graduated in Tourism and Hospitality (UNIVALI, 1996). He is the leader of the Research Group – TURITEC. Coordinator of the Laboratory of Intelligent Tourist Destinations – LabDTI. Develops research on Intelligent Tourist Destinations, Engineering Applications and Knowledge Management for Tourism.

Alton Chua

Dr. Alton Chua is Associate Professor and currently Associate Chair (Research) at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University. Between 2011 and 2014, he was Program Director of the Master of Science (Information Systems).

An award-winning scholar, he has published close to 200 scholarly articles in these areas. Among the several accolades he received in recent years include 2014 Outstanding Paper Award from the Journal of Knowledge Management, 2014 Highly Commended Paper Award from Online Information Review, 2015 Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Internet Computing & Web Services, and the 2017 Highly Commended Paper Award from the Journal of Intellectual Capital. He also won the 2016 Nanyang Education Award (School) from the university for his teaching excellence.

Dr Chua’s research interests lie mainly in information and knowledge management, with a particular focus on user-generated content. The themes of his research include community question-answering system, online reviews and rumors in social media.

André Bermudez

A police officer in Santa Catarina, André Bermudez works as a pedagogical coordinator of the Civil Police Academy and a coordinator of the Postgraduate Course in Public Safety Management and Applied Criminal Investigation. He has a Master degree in Legal Sciences from UNIVALI and a Bachelor of Law degree from UFPEL with a Specialisation in Criminal Sciences. He is also currently a professor at the Santa Catarina South University.

Andrea Steil

Dr Andrea Valéria Steil is a Lecturer in the Graduate Program in Engineering and Knowledge Management and the Graduate Program in Psychology at UFSC. Before joining academia, she spent ten years working in the profit and not for profit organizations in HRM and executive roles. Dr Steil is an active researcher in organizational learning, organizational knowledge and memory, human resource management, work and organizational psychology, organizational rewards, retention and interdisciplinarity.


Camila Pires

The Indigo Network was founded by Camila Pires in 2012 to help people feel fuller and happier and organizations to be more collaborative, aware and humane. Camila has studied and worked with communication, knowledge management, business management, innovation, coaching and pedagogical neurosciences. She has over ten years of experience in knowledge management and corporate education projects in large companies.

Commander Carlos Araújo Gomes

Colonel Carlos Alberto de Araújo Gomes Júnior has been an officer of the Military Police of Santa Catarina since 1987. In addition to several experiences (such as acting in the State Civil Defense, participating in Federal Government missions and commanding the 4th Battalion of Military Police of Santa Catarina), he also served as Colonel PM, for a year and two months in charge of the 11th Military Police Region, responsible for the 12 municipalities of Greater Florianópolis (except the State Capital).

On April 28, 2017, he took over the General Subcommand of the Military Police of Santa Catarina and on February 22, 2018, the position of Commander General of the Corporation, accumulating in 2019 the duties of Secretary of State for Public Security of Santa Catarina and President of the National Council of General-Commanders of Police and Military Fire Brigades (CNCG – PM / CBM). Presenting an operational and technical profile, the colonel completes 33 years of service in this year 2019, with vast knowledge and enthusiastic about the new challenges.


Denilson Sell

Business developer, project manager, lecturer and researcher with broad experience in knowledge engineering projects for public and private organizations. Particulary interested in business cooperation and research on Knowledge Management, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, semantic technology and Digital Transformation research and development. PhD in production engineering, director of business development at Instituto Stela and lecturer at UFSC and UDESC.

Djairlon Henrique Moura

Graduated in Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (1999), Djairlon Henrique Moura is currently working as a federal highway patrol police officer. Since 2002, he has been working as manager, acting as Head of the Special Operations Center – NOE / RN (2002-2009), Head of the 2nd Police Station (2009-2010) – 2ndDEL / RN, Head of Operations Section – SEOP / RN (2010-2015), Substitute Superintendent – SRPRF / RN (2014-2015) and Coordinator of Planning and Operational Control – CPCO / DPRF / DF (2017-2018).

Between 2002 and 2015, he participated in public safety planning and policy development, along with other regional organisations. Also, he has been involved in several national standardisation projects for various manuals and joined the planning team for significant events (RIO + 20, World Youth Day, Confederations Cup and FIFA World Cup 2014).

About the activities developed at the national level, he served as project manager of Operation Olympics RIO2016 by the PRF institution, between 2015 and 2017, when transferred to the city of Rio de Janeiro / RJ. In early 2017, he was transferred to the Federal Highway Police Department in Brasília / DF, where he worked for almost two years as Coordinator of Planning and Operational Control, actively participating in the construction of public policies, among which we highlight contributions to the final version of the SUSP (Single Public Safety System, Law 13.675 / 2018), and National Traffic Death Reduction Plan – PNATRANS (which became effective through Law 13.614 / 2018). This work resulted in the formulation of a plan for the decade 2019 – 2028, in which the author is one of the people responsible for its elaboration.


Fábio Batista

PhD in Information Science from the University of Brasilia (UnB). Post-doctorate in Knowledge Management from the Department of Engineering and Knowledge Management of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (EGC / UFSC). Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) by the Knowledge Management Institute (KMI). Author of the book: “Knowledge Management Model for the Brazilian Public Administration: How to Implement Knowledge Management to Producing Results for the Citizen”. The organiser of the work: International Experiences of Knowledge Management Implementation in the Public Sector. Consultant and representative in Brazil of Knoco Ltda. Speaker and facilitator in training events in the field of knowledge management in Brazil and abroad.


Gertrudes Dansolini

Full Professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, and the Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Engineering and Knowledge Management. She holds a master degree (1997) and a PhD. in Production Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (2000) and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in 1992. She worked as a lecturer at the Federal University of Pelotas from 2003 to 2007 and has coordinated the Mathematics course and the distance learning Mathematics course. She worked as a researcher at the Open University of Brazil (UAB) until 2011. She is currently a full Professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in the Department of Knowledge Engineering. She was the Coordinator of the PPGEGC between 2016 and 2019 and is one of the leaders of the IGTI Research Group and a member of the ENGIN – Integration Engineering and Knowledge Governance. In undergraduate studies, she has worked with General Systems Theory, Creativity and Innovation and Innovation Management. In postgraduate studies, she teaches at the UFSC Postgraduate Program in Engineering and Knowledge Management in the field of innovation. Her research themes are mainly Front End of Innovation, Intelligence for Innovation, Innovation Management, Social Innovation and Corporate University. 

Gregório Varvakis

He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (1979), a master’s degree in Production Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (1982) and a doctorate in Manufacturing Engineering – Loughborough University of Technology (1991). He is currently a full Professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, working in the Knowledge Engineering Department in undergraduate programmes (Engineering and Information Science) and as a postgraduate lecturer in the Engineering and Knowledge Management and Information Science programmes. He has work experience in Management, mainly on Process Management, Knowledge Management and Management of Service Organizations, acting on the following subjects: innovation, knowledge management, productivity, continuous improvement, information technology and information flow. 


Hans Michael Van Bellen

Mechanical engineer with a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a PhD in Production Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Catarina. He has also attended a doctorate in the sandwich modality at the Universität Dortmund and a post-doctorate at the University of California, Berkeley. He is currently an associate professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, linked to the Knowledge Engineering Department at the Technological Center. He works as a lecturer and a researcher in post-graduate programs at the  Federal University of Santa Catarina in Management, working mainly on the following topics: sustainability indicators, sustainable development, sustainability management, public governance and green economy. He coordinates the Governance and Sustainability Observatory at UFSC and is a member of SIADES – Environmental Information System for Sustainable Development – at USP. He is also a member of SandS – Surf and Sustainability Research Group and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Group.

Helio Aisenberg Ferenhof

Doctor in Production Engineering from Federal University of Santa Catarina, UFSC. Has Master degree in Knowledge Management from UFSC. MBA in E-Business from FGV / RJ; Specialist in Didactics for Higher Education from SENAC/SC; Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UNESA; Actually, he holds a Visiting Professor position at Post Graduation Program of Communication and Information Technology (PPGTIC) at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) Campus Araranguá. Also, is an associate member of the research group Knowledge and Innovation Management (KIM) at the School of Business at University of Skövde. His research areas include knowledge management, innovation, intellectual capital, project management, service management, product development and computer science. Before joining academia, he worked as system developer, system analyst, project manager and consultant in different industries. In 2010 received a prize of innovation from Nancy-Université -INPL, “Prix d`innovation – à l’évenément international – 48H pour faire émerger des idées”.

Heloisa Belotti Bedicks

CEO of IBGC – Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance – since 2001, member of the ACAF Supervisory Board – Acquisitions and Mergers Committee Supporters Association, Vice President of GNDI- Global Network of Directors Institute, member of the Board of Directors of Open Doors , former Independent Board Member of MAPFRE SA, and former Counselor of the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN). Master in Financial Administration from Mackenzie, graduated in Economics from Unicamp and in Accounting from PUC Campinas. She holds a specialization in Corporate Governance from Yale University and also from the Global Corporate Governance Forum, and in Board of Directors from the University of Chicago. Author of the book Corporate Governance and Capital Dispersion – Multiple Cases in Brazil.


João Artur De Souza

PhD in Production Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (1999) and Post-doctorate from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (2000). Degree in Mathematics (Undergraduate) from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (1989), Master in Mathematics and Scientific Computing from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (1993), Degree in Law from the University of Southern Santa Catarina (UNISUL). He worked at the Federal University of Pelotas from 1993 to 2007 as a lecturer in Mathematics, also acting in Distance Education. As a lecturer at the Federal University of Pelotas, he was also the Coordinator of the Distance Mathematics Course, working with virtual learning environments, preparation of teaching materials, and learning objects. He is currently Professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in the Department of Knowledge Engineering, one of the leaders of the IGTI Research Group and a member of the ENGIN Group – Knowledge Integration and Governance Engineering. In undergraduate studies, he has worked in the fields of Quantitative Research Methods, Innovation Management, Mathematical Logic and Knowledge Engineering Techniques. In postgraduate studies, he has served as a professor of the Postgraduate Program in Engineering and Knowledge Management at UFSC working in Knowledge Engineering. His main research interests are Information Technology Management, Distance Education, Innovation, Innovation Management and Innovation Intelligence. He has also work experience in Artificial Intelligence, more specifically in Neural Networks, Fuzzy Sets and Genetic Algorithms.

José Lopes Hott Jr.

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Juliano Keller

Doctorate in the Postgraduate Program in Engineering and Knowledge Management (UFSC), Master of Business Administration by Unisul (2003), Specialist in Productivity and Quality by Uniplac / Senai (1999), Bachelor of Laws by Uniplac (1998). Leader Coach by the Brazilian Coaching Society. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 leading auditor by Bureau Veritas. Examiner of the National Quality Award (cycle 2005). Senior Examiner of the Catarinense Excellence Award (cycles 2005 and 2006). Business consultant, working in several segments, especially in the areas of strategic management, process management, excellence programs and certifications of products and systems in national and international standards, with experience in more than 500 organizations in the implementation of management tools. Member of Ceteg Consultoria Empresarial since 1999. He is a member of the Research Group Innovation in Science and Technology – CoMovi – UFSC / CNPq. He is the author of book chapters and articles in annals of events and periodicals.


Kimiz Lutfiye Dalkir

Dr. Kimiz Dalkie is Director & Associate Professor at McGill School of Information Studies. Her formation degrees are: BSc (Biology: Human Genetics Specialization), McGill University. MBA (Double Major: Management Science and Management Information Systems), McGill University. PhD (Educational Technology), Concordia University. Thesis: Improving User Modeling via the Integration of Learner Characteristics and Learner Behaviour.

Dr. Kimiz Dalkie’s main research areas are:Collaboration success factors; Creativity & innovation management; Information & knowledge management; Knowledge sharing (human, social & technological enablers); Organizational learning & managing lessons learned; Preservation & transfer of expertise; Tacit knowledge management.

Her current research are “Applying knowledge management to digital heritage cultural objects” and “CSCDS (Centre for Social and Cultural Data Science.  Natural Language Processing and the Production of Taxonomies for Knowledge Navigation”.


Marta Neves

Pedagogue (FACED/UFRGS). Master’s Degree in Health Teaching (PPGENSAU/ UFCSPA). Training in Group Dynamics (SBDG), Social Management (EA/UFRGS) and Environmental Planning (FATEC/SENAI). She works at Banrisul Corporate University. She also collaborates in the coordination of the Fergs Environmental Awareness Program and in the Sepé Tiaraju Peace Education Movement, articulated by the Public Ministry of RS.

Maurício Rotta

His academic background involves a degree in Computer Science (UFSC, 1990) and in Law (UNIPLAC, 1998), a postgraduate degree in Web Systems Development (UNIVALI, 2004) and Strategic Planning (Fundação Dom Cabral, 2011). He became a Master in Engineering and Knowledge Management in 2013 and a PhD in Engineering and Knowledge Management in 2018 (UFSC). He is a member of the UFSC eGovernment research group: http://www.egov.ufsc.br /portal/

Professionally, Maurício Rotta has 29 years of experience in IT project management. He has worked in the leadership of significant projects for development and implementation of corporate systems, for both public and private organisations.

He is also a lawyer registered at OAB / SC 13.643, working in the Law area (Digital Law, Bids, Software Law, Contracts and Obligations, Copyright, Compliance) and a member of the Digital Law Commission of OAB / SC. He has also served as a teacher in lato sensu postgraduate courses in project management and software engineering at SENAI / CTAI and is an evaluator of the National Higher Education Evaluation System – BASis.

Currently, Maurício Rotta is a founding partner of a company for the development of solutions focused on Compliance, Governance, Management and Information Security.


Neri Dos Santos

· Specialization in Occupational Safety Engineering – Federal University of Santa Catarina (1977)
· Master in « Ergonomie » – University of Paris XIII (1982) France
· PhD in « Ergonomie de l’Ingenierie » – Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers (1985) France
· Postdoctoral on « Cognitive Ingenierie » – École Polytechnique de Montréal Canada
· President of ABEPRO Management (92/93 and 94/95)
· State Secretary for Economic, Scientific and Technological Development of Santa Catarina – 1995-1996
· President of the Santa Catarina State Research and Innovation Support Foundation – 1996-1997
· Professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina – 1977-2012
· Dean of the Polytechnic School of the Pontifical Catholic University of Parana PUCPR (2015-2018)
· He is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Knowledge Engineering – UFSC
· It is currently it is part of the Editorial Board of the following journals:
o American Journal of Industrial Engineering
o International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Management
o Ergonomics Action
o Industrial Management
o INGEPRO Innovation
o Management and Production
o Journal of Science & Technology

Paulo Norberto Koerich

Paulo Norberto Koerich is a Special Police Officer Delegate and a General Police Officer Delegate of the Civil Police of Santa Catarina. He was born in Blumenau, where he graduated in Law from the University of Blumenau Foundation. Subsequently, he graduated in Administration and Management in Judicial Police – ESAG / UDESC. He also studied with the London Metropolitan Police and with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); and graduated from the Association of Graduates of the Superior School of War. Professionally, Paulo Norberto Koerich was a Police Officer in the districts of Blumenau, Itajaí, Joinville and Gaspar. He also served at the Gaeco (Special Action Group to Combat Criminal Organizations) in Blumenau and at the Coastal and Interior Police Directorates.


Patricia de Sá Freire

Dr. Patricia de Sá Freire graduated in Pedagogy, specializes in psychopedagogy and marketing, and master and PhD in Engineering and Knowledge Management. Dr. Freire is the vice coordinator of the Post-Graduate Program in Engineering and Knowledge Management at the Federal University of Santa Catarina.

Dr Freire is also a professor and the teaching coordinator of the Department of Knowledge Engineering and Post-Graduate Programs in Engineering and Knowledge Management (EGC).It has more than 200 scientific publications in national and international conferences, periodicals and book chapters. For two consecutive years, 2011 and 2012, was one of the five executives of excellence in knowledge management in Brazil chosen by the MAKE Award.

Dr Freire has more than 30 years of experience as an organizational restructuring consultant to diversify industrial and service companies, including technology-based organizations. She is currently the leader of the ENGIN (Engineering of Integration and Knowledge Governance) Laboratory, and member of IGTI (Laboratory of Intelligence, Management and Technology for Innovation) and KLOM (Knowledge, Learning and Organizational Memory). Dr Freire is one of the editors of the International Journal of Knowledge Engeneering Management (IJKEM). Dr Freire’ research interests include Knowledge Management practices, Networked Corporate University Model and Change Management Model, which included topics such as: strategic management of people; organizational intelligence; multilevel governance; organizational knowledge and learning; open innovation; absorptive capacity; collaborative management; leadership and organizational culture; intellectual capital, relational capital and intangible assets; shared strategic planning, archives, documentation centers, and study and research centers.

Paulo Norberto Koerich

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Perla Amabile

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Raquel Hein Sievert

Coordinator of the Senior Corporate University since January/2013 with a history built in several business areas such as Business Administration, Sales Channel Management, Supplies and Demand. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature from FURB, and Specialisation Degrees in Organization, Systems and Methods and in English, both from FURB, in Strategic Sales Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas and in Corporate Education from Sustentare Business School. She is currently a student in the Networked Corporate University course promoted by UFSC.

Roberto Pacheco

Roberto Carlos dos Santos Pacheco is a PhD in Production Engineering (UFSC, 1996) and a Professor in the Department of Knowledge Engineering at UFSC. He has participated in the creation and coordination of the Graduate Program in Engineering and Knowledge Management (EGC / UFSC). He is a researcher in the fields of engineering and knowledge management, e-government and interdisciplinarity. His work also involves coordination of digital platform projects, including Lattes Platform (CNPq, 1997-2004), ScienTI Network (internationalization of Lattes Platform, which led it to 11 countries, 2001-2003), Innovation Portal (CGEE / MCTI, 2004-2013); SINAES Portal (INEP / MEC, 2005-2007), Aquarius Platform (CGEE / MCTI, 2011-2013), Health Surveillance Skills Portal (DC-VISA – Anvisa, 2007), Environmental Education Skills Portal (DC-SIBEA – MMA, 2007), Indicator System for FAPs (SIFAPS – CONFAP, 2009-present) and Public and Networked Corporate University (MAPA / ENAGRO, 2015-2016). He is the founder of the Stela Institute. He has served on several technical-scientific advisory committees (including CAPES, FAPESC, FAPEMIG, IEL, SBGC, OPS / BIREME). His academic and technological production results from the co-production with more than 500 collaborators and includes more than 200 publications (including articles, books, chapters and works in events), as well as software and technical advisory activities and technical-scientific collaboration (including organization of several events). As a dissertation/thesis advisor, so far he has supervised 30 master’s dissertations and 22 doctoral theses, as well as 32 undergraduate conclusion papers.

Rosina Weber

Dr. Weber’s main research interests are in converting unstructured data to benefit humans through text analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and explainable AI (XAI) (more information on her research here). She engineers knowledge from text (unstructured data), context, structured data, metadata and humans for various knowledge tasks (e.g., knowledge capture, indexing, delivery) in intelligent systems (e.g., recommenders) using intelligent methods such as case-based reasoning, neural networks, information extraction, natural language understanding, and genetic algorithms. Some of her application areas are scholarly data, computational support for literature reviews, knowledge management, lessons learned systems, scientometrics, finance, military operations, law and health sciences. Her background is in engineering and management, and her professional experience includes analysis and design of information systems and corporate finance.

With a background in economic sciences, she did a Master’s degree in Operations Research at the Federal University of Santa Catarina; a PhD at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in a sandwich program with the University of South Florida; a post doc at the Navy Center for Applied Research in AI at the Naval Research Lab; and in 2001, joined Drexel University where she is an Associate Professor.


Suliman Hawamdeh

Dr. Suliman Hawamdeh is a International Conference Chair of XV ICKM and II SUCEG. He is a Professor and Program Director in the College of Information, University of North Texas. Prior to joining UNT in August 2010, he taught and coordinated the Master of Science in Knowledge Management in the School of Library and Information Studies at University of Oklahoma. He also founded and directed the first Master of Science in Knowledge Management in Asia in the College of Communication and Information at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Dr. Hawamdeh has extensive industrial experience, he was the Managing Director of ITC Information Technology Consultant Ltd, a company developed and marketed a line of products in imaging, document and record management, engineering drawing management, and library automation software. He worked as a consultant to several organizations. Dr. Hawamdeh also worked as a researcher and a project leader at the Institute of System Science in Singapore.

Dr. Hawamdeh has authored and edited several books on knowledge management including Information and Knowledge Society published by McGraw Hill and Knowledge Management: Cultivating the Knowledge Professionals Published by Chandos Publishing. He is the editor of a book series on Innovation and Knowledge Management published by World Scientific. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Information Knowledge Management, one of the first refereed journals in knowledge management.

He is a member of the editorial board and a reviewer for several journals. He is the founding president of the Knowledge and Information Professional Association (KIPA). He was also the founding president of the Information and Knowledge Management Society from 1999-2003.


Talita Caetano Silva

She is a psychologist, has a Master´s Degree in Organizational and Work Psychology and a Specialist Degree in Strategic People Management. Ph.D. student in the graduate program in Engineering and Knowledge Management (EGC/UFSC), Talita Silva is a Senior Researcher at the Laboratory of Integration Engineering and Knowledge Governance (ENGIN) and an executive of the training area at Softplan Planning and Systems. She is currently dedicated to the studies of the corporate education system and its interrelations with the learning curve and transfer of learning to the work practice, with the purpose of supporting the application of the Corporate University Network model (UCR).

Tereza Raquel Merlo

Dr. Merlo is a researcher, professor, and practitioner, currently working for the University of North Texas where she teaches courses in Knowledge Management. She is an avid investigator focused on Knowledge Management Systems and their impact on organizational operations and strategies. Her professional interests include business development and operations improvement processes, sales strategies, knowledge management, human computer interaction, marketing strategies, and leadership. In addition, she has solid background as a consultant and professional in the field of library management and has built several information units, including libraries,

She received her PhD in organizational management with minor in information technologies, and holds two Masters in information sciences from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBa) and University of North Texas. Dr Merlo has been the ecipient of multiple awards for leadership, data and records management, information literacy, diversity and inclusion, and business development. She was also the recipient of a multiple scholarships, including Coordenacão de aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (CAPES), sponsorship for the Master program, and Fundação de Amparo à pesquisa do estado da Bahia (Fapesb) for research focusing on digital repositories in a post graduate program at UNIFACS University in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Dr Merlo has led several committees as chair and co-chair, including the Texas Library Association’s Distance Learning and Culture and Diversity committees, and was elected the body representative during her Master program at UFBa. She is also part of the scientific committee for Knowledge and Performance Management, Knowledge-Based System, and the Journal of Information and Knowledge Management, among others. Dr Merlo serves on the international advisory board for the International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM) and is the current co-chair in charge of organizing the 15th annual ICKM Conference.

Dr. Merlo’s research interests include Knowledge Management Systems (tools, technologies, governance, and processes), information systems, knowledge retrieval, data management, and sharing, human-computer interaction (HCI); leadership; and cloud computing.


Wagner T. Cassimiro

He has been teaching disciplines regarding corporate learning in programmes at recognised Brazilian institutions and has been a speaker in many events and conferences. He was the creator of the Espresso3.com.br channel. He posts weekly videos discussing L&D trends, practices, and concepts, using microlearning methods and interviews with corporate managers and experts. Espresso3 channel has more than 20,000 followers across all social media platforms and is one of the primary Brazilian media channels in the sector. In his academic background, he worked as a researcher and Vice-Coordinator of several university courses. He has published papers on books, academic journals, magazines and in national and international conferences. He has a degree and a Masters in Business at the University of São Paulo (USP).