The 15th ICKM and the 2nd SUCEG venture to provide worldwide discussions on the most contemporary models of governance, knowledge…

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  • 8h00 – 9h00

    ICKM Suceg Welcome Reception

  • 9h00 – 9h30


  • 9h30 – 10h30

    History and Evolution of Knowledge Management: What we Have Learned so far. Speaker: Suliman HAWAMDEH, Dr. (International Comite on Knowledge Management)

  • 10h30 – 10h45

    Coffee Break

  • 10h45 – 11h30

    EGC The New Era of Organizational EcosystemSpeaker: Roberto PACHECO, Dr. & Neri dos SANTOS, Dr EGC (EGC Graduate Program. UFSC)

  • 11h30 – 12h00

    Knowledge Management for InnovationSpeaker: Andre SAITO (Chairman of the Deliberative Council of the Brazilian Knowledge Management Society )

  • 12h00 – 12h30

    ISO 30401:2018 – Knowledge Management System. Speaker: Juliano KELLER, Msc (Ceteg Consultoria LabCOMOV)

  • 12h30 – 14h00


  • 14h00 – 14h40

    The Third Wave of AI and the Management of Scientific KnowledgeSpeaker: Rosina WEBER, Phd. (College of Computing & Informatics, Information Science, Drexel University)

  • 14h40 – 15h45

    KM International ExperienceSpeaker: Gregório VARVAKIS, Dr. (EGC Graduate Program. UFSC) & Tereza Raquel MERLO, Dr. (College of Information, University of North Texas, EUA) & Fábio BATISTA, Dr. (Head of Knoco Brazil)

  • 15h45 – 16h15

    A new knowledge for a new era. Speaker: Camila PIRES (Indigo Network)

  • 16h15 – 16h45

    Social Innovation and Knowledge Network. Speaker: Gertrudes DANDOLINI, Dr (Lab_IGTI)

  • 17h00 – 18h00

    Good News, Bad News, Fake News: Managing Knowledge in the Era of Social Media. Speaker: Alton CHUA, Dr. (Nanyang Technological University, Singapure)

  • 8h30 – 9h00

    ICKM Suceg Welcome Reception

  • 9h00 – 9h45

    Corporate Governance : Knowledge and Learning for InnovationSpeaker: Heloisa Belotti BEDICKS (Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance)

  • 9h45 – 10h30

    The importance of Risk Management and Internal Control for the new Multilevel Governance Model. Speakers: João Artur DE SOUZA, Dr. & Gertrudes DANDOLINI, Dr. & Patricia de Sá FREIRE, Dr (EGC Graduate Program. UFSC)

  • 10h45 – 11h30

    Turism Governance of Knowledge. 

    Speaker: Alexandre A. BIZ, Dr. and guests (EGC Graduate Program. UFSC Smart Turism Destination)

  • 11h30

    The Balance of Governance between Innovation and Control. Maurício ROTTA, Dr. Edicto Consultoria.

  • 12h00

    Governance for Sustainability in the Context of Development. Hans M. VAN BELLEN, Dr. Governance & Sustainability UFSC

  • 14h00

    Shared Governance of State for Public Securit/SC. Carlos Alberto de ARAÚJO GOMES, Ce. – Commando of the Military Police/SC and Secretary of State for Public Security/SC.

  • 14h40

    Multilevel Strategic Planning: the case of the Civil Police of Santa Catarina. General Office of the Civil Police of Santa Catarina. 

  • 15h20

    New FHP Governance Model. José Lopes HOTT Jr. Executive Director of the Federal Highway Police

  • 16h00

    Interorganizational Learning for National Road Safety. Djairlon Henrique MOURA. Regional Superintendent, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

  • 8h30

    ICKM Suceg Welcome Reception

  • 9h00

    Networked Universitym a tool of Knowledge Governance and Organizational Learning. Patricia de Sá FREIRE, Dr. ECG Graduate PRogram, UFSC

  • 9h45

    Cases of Expertise Location. Denilson SELL, Dr., Stela Institute. EGC Graduate Program, UFSC

  • 10h45

    Cases of UCR Process. Gertrudes DANDOLINI, DR., EGC and Guest

  • 14h00

    Transfer of Learning to Work practice. Talita CAETANO, Msc., Softplan Planning and System lab/ENGIN/EGC

  • 14h40

    Learning Journeys (Pathways): Cases and lessons learned. Wagner T. CASSIMIRO, Msc., Expresso 3

  • 15h20

    Environment for learning transfer. Andrea STEIL, Dr., Psychology & ECG Graduate Program, UFSC

  • 16h00

    Knowledge @Risk. Hélio FERENHOF, Dr., Production Engineering and Knowledge Management

  • 17h00

    How to Apply AI and KM to the Post-truth Era od Fake News. Kimiz Dalkir. Dr., School of Information Studies, McGill University Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • UCR, Networked Corporate University

    – An Intelligent Continuous Education Environment, not necessarily physical, that manages and institutionalizes a culture of learning among all the beneficiaries and participants, both internal and external, of the productive and social arrangements of the organizational ecosystem. The objective is to co-create and co-produce the development strategy.”